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About Us

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Our Vision :

  • We seek to become the most powerful marketing entity in the Arab World, and this will be done through continuous development, a distinguished and creative team, clear, tried and developed plans, and reliance on studying the strongest experiences of major global marketers.
  • Whether you are the owner of a company or an institution, have a specific product or service, or even want to deliver a specific message to a specific category, we will help you reach this category as quickly as possible mechanisms and at an affordable cost, and our experience gives us the opportunity to help individuals and companies and institutions reach their marketing goals with smart, innovative plans automatically by a team Creative work, and this is done after building a strong bridge of trust between us and you because it will be your path to achieving the highest profits and profitable results.
  • The City Marketing House has all the tools and modern technology means that can help you manage and market your products with the highest quality and professionalism that is absolutely unrivaled, and not only that, but we rely on the principle of continuous development that keeps pace with everything new in the world of smart and automatic digital marketing And modern technological frameworks in general, so you will find we have everything you are looking for and we will help you reach what you want in record time.

Our Mission :

  • Opening new markets for clients of the targeted fields ( Food – Health – Education – Entrepreneurship – Real estate – Automotive – Pets).
  • By achieving the brand’s popularity and reputation.
  • Following scientific methods to benefit any field of marketing work.
  • Providing realistic solutions that lead to various successes with depth.
  • Achievement in doing business in smart ways.
  • Providing mechanisms to reduce customer spending.
  • Achieving realistic results for clients, not what they dream of and is not achievable according to their available budget.
  • Raising the awareness of workers in the field of marketing and advertising in the Arab World.
Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy :

  • Raising the level of awareness in the marketing field and its branches.

Our Culture:

  • Following the scientific methods with the practical experiments and produce a comprehensive mix.

Our Policy:

  • The Policy of exclusivity, Innovation, and distance from competition.

Analyze and create a tailored action plan developed specifically for your business goals and the steps needed to achieve that next level of success.


Creativity is beyond any limits, we team is always ready for new challenges. No matter what, we will provide you with the perfect solution for your business.

Safely Automation

Sit back and let the automation’s work their magic as you control the throttle switch that scales the revenue your business generates… Buckle up!


Implementation of the automation department to increase the value of the return (returns profits)

  • 1

    The City Marketing House Founded

    The City Marketing House company is a creative marketing entity aware of all digital and automatic marketing methods. It was founded in 2009 by a group of the best innovative marketers, who sought with all their experience to reach a distinguished position in the Arab world; Because they set their eyes on a lofty goal, which is to become one of the most powerful marketing companies in Egypt and the Arab world.

  • 2

    The City Marketing House Smart Team

    The City Marketing House team is a very smart team, and they master the use of smart and automatic digital work technology in all branches of digital marketing in proportion to the markets, and in accordance with international standards for modern technology, in addition to that, they can develop highly successful automatic marketing strategies, which helps emerging and medium companies, The smallest, to reach the largest customer base in record time.

  • 3

    Best Business Solutions To Clients

    The City Marketing House marketers provide the best business solutions to clients; To help them achieve higher productivity, improve efficiency levels, as well as facilitate the management process; To become stronger, more influential, and more successful, all this leads to an amazing result in the structure of any Project.

  • 4

    Social Media Smart Marketing

    We provide you with social media management services in smart ways and innovative and automatic marketing solutions that help you achieve reach and reach your target customers with ease.

  • 5

    Reaching Smart Ways That Work

    We also provide you with what you need to know through our marketing advice, which in turn contributes to you in reaching smart ways that work to raise the efficiency and quality of your products and your activity in general.

  • 6

    Highest Quality Marketing Solutions

    We always strive to support your business and allow you to develop and creative design; In order to provide you with the highest quality marketing solutions that create your own niche and value in the markets.

  • 7

    Modern Technological Means & Tools

    The City Marketing House provides the team with all modern technological means and tools; In order for them to manage and market your products and publicize your brand with the highest degree of professionalism and unique quality; This helps you reach your customers as quickly as possible and at an affordable cost.

  • 8

    Creative, Highest Revenue & Profit Results

    Our creative team will make you achieve the highest revenue and profit results from your business, whether you are a company owner, have a specific product, or even want to deliver a specific message to a specific category, we will help you reach this category.

  • 9

    Real Value We Got In The Market

    We were not satisfied with the experience, professionalism, and real value we got in the market. Therefore, we have always sought to develop our level of professionalism, we have taken great care to follow the advice of major global marketers, and we have even been designing training courses for employees to keep up with all that is new in the world of automatic digital technology.

  • 10

    Get Unique Creative Ideas

    With us, you will get unique creative ideas about your product or service that you want to market, and develop successful plans and strategies in turn that will help you reach your goal, in addition to building a bridge of trust between you and your customers that cannot be destroyed.

  • 11

    Modern Automatic Website Solutions

    Not only that, but you will also get all the modern automatic website solutions, and design services such as graphic design, video design and production, electronic store design, and successful advertising campaigns on the Internet.

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