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Pearly Land Keratin Cure

Pearly Land Keratin Cure

  • Delivers Moisture Ad Nourishes Hair For A Smooth And And sleek Deep Treatment
  • Instantly Adds Amazing Shine Silkiness And Condition to The Hair
  • Perfect For all Dry Hair Types And Perfect Hair From Heat Damages
  • Repairs And Strengthen Hair
  • Replenishes Moisture And Improves Manageability
  • Contains Collage Amino Acids

How does creatine or botox work?
The product is placed on dry hair, then combed, taking into account not to lift any parts of the material, then leave the hair until the material dries on the hair.
If the hair is not dried, it will be lightened with cool air with a blow dryer
Then, wash the hair with a cream or shampoo bath.

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